• Hashshashin assassin's dagger / "Ismaili Assassins"


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    Here is an original Ismaili Assassins Dagger which was worn under the selves of the thobe.  The dagger and sheath are in excellent condition.  There are no breaks or unraveling of the material made to make the sheath. Beautiful multi colored wood for the grip and the blade is in excellent condition for it's age. Ah the age of the knife...hard for me tell as this is not my area of expertise however the material it was made from, the original natural patina on the blade and sheath tells me it's "very old" I'd safely say over 75 to 100 years old...if anyone could provide further information on this beauty or the African Halberd I have posted would love to hear from you! 

    Here is some information on the Assassins from Wikipedia..."The Assassins (from Arabic: حشّاشينḤashshāshīn[1]) is the name used to refer to the medieval Nizari Ismailis. Often characterized as a secret order led by a mysterious "Old Man of the Mountain," the Nizari Ismailis were an Islamic sect that formed in the late 11th century from a split within Ismailism, itself a branch of Shia Islam. In time, the Nizaris began to pose a military threat to Sunni Seljuq authority within their territories by capturing and inhabiting many unconnected mountain fortresses throughout Persia (and later also Syria) under the leadership of Hassan-i Sabbah (who is typically regarded as the founder of the Assassins), therefore founding the so-called Nizari Ismaili state...For about two centuries, the hashashin specialized in assassinating their religious and political enemies.[Wasserman 2] These killings were often conducted in full view of the public and often in broad daylight, so as to instill terror in their foes. Assassinations were primarily carried out with a dagger, which was sometimes tipped with poison. Due to being immensely outnumbered in enemy territory, the hashashin tended to specialize in covert operations. Hashashin would often assimilate themselves in the towns and regions of their targets and, over time, stealthily insert themselves into strategic positions. They did not always kill their targets, however, preferring at times to try to threaten an enemy into submission. This could sometimes be accomplished with a dagger and a threatening note placed on an enemy's pillow...."

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